At UPVC-Online our unsurpassed range of UPVC windows, UPVC doors (including French and patio) and conservatories not only look great but are perfectly suited for new or replacement projects. In a range of styles, designs, colours and with a choice of furniture and glass types, our products are:

  • Eurocell and Smarts profiles
  • custom made
  • easy to fit
  • low maintenance
  • durable
  • secure
  • energy efficient
  • noise reducers
  • delivered quickly

In addition, they offer an enhanced interior and exterior appearance, and if chosen properly and treated with care, you may never need to replace your windows again!

UPVC-Online supplies two main framing options, UPVC or aluminium and a number of options in terms of colours, designs and furniture.

The main features and benefits for UPVC and aluminium are shown below:


UPVC is the cheapest option and often represents the most popular choice. And because vinyl is also a poor conductor of heat or cold, it proves to be the most energy efficient frame for your windows, doors and conservatories. Resistant to weathering, UPVC also requires low maintenance and has an average life of about 15-20 years. However, UPVC is not always the most aesthetically appealing solution as frames can be quite chunky, however with today’s range of modern styles, designs, colours and furniture, UPVC can prove a great choice for cost effective windows, doors and conservatories


Aluminium windows are more expensive than UPVC but can often have a more quality and slim line appearance. Aluminium is extremely strong, but being a metal tends to release and conduct energy a lot faster than other materials so is less energy efficient. Requiring little maintenance, as the frames will never rot, warp nor need painting; they will tend to have an average life of between 20-30 years. Perfect for large openings where strength and heat/cold conservation is less important, aluminium frames can often represent the best long-term investment.

Colour, design and furniture

Both our UPVC and aluminium frames come in a choice of colours and designs and with a selection of furniture i.e. handles. The usual colour for UPVC is white but there are now a wide range of other options, including wood grain effects to choose from. Another important element is style, and here our choice is massive depending on if you want the window to open, how you want it to open (left, right or top), vertical sliders, how many openings you want, reversible etc. And finally, furniture colour, shape, finish and locking mechanism, can be key. So, in addition to white window and door handles you can now choose from black, brown, chrome or gold with a range of different finishes and key operated locks for added security.

Contact us now for an exact quote based on your specifications. Or if you have any questions, want some advice or just want to speak to a human being, then call us on 01908 711556.